My Writing Goals for 2018


We’re part way through the year and I started off 2018 with some big publishing goals, however, with moving overseas taking up a lot of time during the first part of the year some of my timelines have slipped. This doesn’t mean that I’m not determined to make 2018 a great publishing year. So here’s what I’ve got planned:

Publish Redux

Redux is the follow up to Rogue and my second book in a series. It’s proving an interesting challenge writing a second book but I want to get it out and knuckle down to book three.

Build Non-Fiction Works

It’s starting with this website, but I want to build a non-fiction arm to my business which focuses on craft, mindset and the author journey. This will take the form of blog posts, workbooks and eventually books. The groundwork will be laid in 2018 and built upon in 2019.

Write short stories

I want to write a novella for Rogue at some point this year, which will be a prequel, but I also want to try short stories and see if I can get them into publications.

I’m going to be working full time so this will be fitted around the day job, but I see high hopes for my writing in 2018 and beyond!

What are your writing goals and have they changed as the year goes on?

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