Who is Sally?

I’m a storyteller. I love books and writers and am at the start of my author journey in the indie world. My debut novel Rogue was published last year and I have two more planned for 2018. This site is for sharing my journey in the publishing world and helping fellow writers learn about craft and mindset when you’re just starting out.

I’m currently residing in West Yorkshire after having spent six years in beautiful New Zealand. I’ve also lived in America, Thailand and Australia and I like to weave aspects of culture throughout my books along with strong female characters.

I launched the Writers Shed with the long-term vision of helping other writers by offering editing and VA services as well as producing blog posts (and eventually) a podcast dedicated to the craft of writing, mindset and getting your book into the world.

You can connect with me online in the following places:

Twitter: @S_A_Stephenson

Instagram: @sally.annabelle