Getting Started in Writing

    For some, they start the writer’s path at a young age and it’s just something that comes naturally, for others, the journey starts later in life and can take longer to get started. There’s no right or wrong time to start this creative path, the important thingĀ is, if you’re passionate about it to get started and keep going.

    For me, I was one of those creatives who started writing at a young age, so it’s something that came naturally, however, I did take a four-year break and reintroduce writing to my life as an adult and had to figure out how to pick up the pen again. What made it easier was finding a group of like-minded people, attending some classes and events and being inspired again by stories and ideas. So let’s break it down and see how this can apply to you.

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    The Start of the Journey

    Last September I made the leap into the world of self-publishing with my debut novel, and it’s an industry I’m committing myself to for the long term. While I have a site for my fiction, I wanted a space that explored the publishing landscape and delved into the world of craft. This space on the web is to document my own journey as an author, as well as share what I learn about craft and marketing and eventually host interviews with other creatives in this space.

    I’m excited by what’s to come and can’t wait to see what happens along the way.